Christchurch was founded in 1850 when a group of pilgrims came to New Zealand. The area had already been settled, but the new arrivals had decided to form the Canterbury Association (giving the name to the region) and determined to build a city around a church and college named after Christ Church college in Oxford, England. Christ Church Cathedral today dominates a great square at the heart of the city.


The Cathedral is a fine building with an active inner life. Christchurch is the third largest city in New Zealand, with a population of about 370,000.

From its beginning, the Canterbury region has been heavily into agricultural production. The area around Christchurch produces all sorts of vegetables and fruits, and the region has a great climate.


The photo at left was taken in the center of Cathedral Square. The building in the foreground is a beautiful older structure. The one behind it is more modern, and the two symbolize the dynamism of this community which cherishes its heritage while looking to the future. Christchurch is home to business, technology and small industry.


Christchurch is regarded as the "most English city outside England." This trolley is making its way through the Arts Centre which is home to one of the colleges of the city as well as boutiques, sidewalk shops, and cafes. It is also the home of an excellent museum.


Christchurch is also know as the Garden City. Located on the Avon River, there are many gardens both public and private. This is the center of the Mona Vale Garden, once a private home. Today it is open to the public, who can stroll through the gardens and take tea in the rooms of the house.


This is a scene from the Mona Vale Garden, looking across a stream toward the "backyard" of a private home. Christchurch is a colorful, lovely place for residents and visitors alike.

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