MAZATLAN was our first Port-of-call. It is a charming seaside city despite its size - over 400,000 people.

It was founded in 1531. The name means "place of the deer" in the Nahuatl language. German immigrants made the site a major seaport in the 1800s, and it remains Mexico's second largest seaport today.

The center of the city is dominated by a beautiful Cathedral.

Not far away, running along the coast, is a highway along which are found cliffs (with divers) and several impressive sculptures.

North of the city is the resort area, with its hotels and many jewelry stores. Here we attended the Papantla Flyers' Show - with its music, dances, and aerial acrobats soaring 70 feet above the crowds.

Mazatlan boasts one of the largest Mardi Gras celebrations in the world. The colors and warmth of Mazatlan were wonderful.

The slideshow contains 13 photos of our visit to Mazatlan. Press the buttons to circulate through the pictures.

As we entered the harbor, we saw the lighthouse that is the highest in the world - the El Faro. Diane was on deck for the morning arrival.

We visited the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. We visited the coast and saw the divers make their heroic jump into 8 feet of sea below.

Then off to the Papantla Flyers' Show. The "flyers" are renowned Papantla Indians who put on quite a show. They celebrate the colorful life of Mazatlan, including the Carnaval.