CABO SAN LUCAS lies at the southernmost tip of Baja California. Its population is only about 55,000 – the smallest of the ports we visited on this trip.

 And while humans have lived in the area for millennia, it has only been over the last century that a significant fishing industry has resulted in settlement and growth.

Today, Cabo, as it is called, is largely dedicated to tourists. It has magnificent resort hotels along its lovely beaches. There is a large and bustling marina with sport and pleasure boats of all descriptions. The waters are relatively clear in the bay and there are lots of glass bottomed taxi boats running across the area.

A major attraction is whale watching off the coast. Many species of whale come to the area for mating, offering opportunities to see these magnificent creatures. And the warm waters and turbulent currents where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific meet provide great sport fishing as well.

The slideshow contains 14 photos of our visit to Cabo San Lucas. Press the buttons to circulate through the pictures.

We passed the Arco, the famous arch at the tip of Baja, on our way into the bay where our ship anchored. We then went ashore by tender boat. Once ashore, we took a "bicitaxi" - a pedal driven taxi, to tour the city.

We had lunch at the Jungle Bar in a quaint shopping area, where we were serenaded. Then Diane met a rather colorful fellow - a handsome iguana.

We finally boarded a large catamaran for a whale watching trip. Along the way, we had some great Mexican beer, saw a lot of different watercraft, and, of course, some great views of breeching whales and dolphins.

Cabo is a place we would like to visit again!