WE HAVE USUALLY travelled with a group that we knew beforehand. This cruise was different.

We met some new friends on our second night, and wound up almost everyday in their company at the evening meal.

The long-standing custom on cruise ships is to be assigned to a "seating" for dinner. This cruise featured an "open seating" option - more freedom in the seating arrangement.

On our second night, we met two other couples with whom we opted to share the evening meal from then on.

Jennifer and Chad came from San Diego. Myra and Barry came from Amarillo.

You have already met Myra and Barry. We toured Puerto Vallarta with them. Here you will see photos of both couples. In addition to us, of course!

The slideshow contains 11 photos of our cruise friends. Press the buttons to circulate through the pictures.

We enjoyed the company of our new friends immensely. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. The Chef's hats were part of the final meal honoring the Master Chef, and included the customary "baked Alaska".

One picture show Jim and Barry dressed in the same shirt. It turned out that both guys bought the same shirt before departing for the cruise. In fact, while living in very different cities (Amarillo and Dallas), they both bought them in a store called Stein Mart! Some coincidence, eh?

As always, Diane made some additional friends of members of the crew. We have thrown in some of those, too.