UCU Anniversary Celebration

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

The celebration followed the Commencement and  involved the dedication of new structures at UCU. The Vice Chancellor and Lord Carey and other dignitaries led the procession from Commencement (Img 1). A festive band led the way (Img 2).

The first new structure to be dedicated was the ICMI Social and Health Sciences Building. (Img 3-7)

A new Gate came next. This Gate creates a new entrance at the heart of the campus, and will soon see a new paved road, called Archbishops Road, leading into the campus. Img 8 through 14 show the ceremonies involved in the dedication, inculding the ribbon cutting by Archbishops Carey and Nkoyoyo. Img 24 shows the gate at the entrance to Archbishops Road from further up Mukono Hill.

Next the procession moved on to the dedication of a new fountain complex at the upper end of Archbishops Road. Dancers welcomed the crowd (Img 15). The Vice Chancellor and Lord Carey offered prayers, and then turned on the flow of water in the fountain and down a cascade to the lower pool. (Imgs 18 through 21)

A special plaque was created to commemorate the occasion (Img 17).

Diane Stanton and Joan Jecko met Geraldine Kauma, wife of the late Bishop Misaeri Kauma who passed away ten years ago. 

Two other recent buildings can be seen in Img 22 - the Dining Hall; and Img 23 - the Men's Dormitory. These buildings had been dedicated in earlier events.

The Tenth Anniversary Celebration was called "Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving". It was festive and bright, and ended the Commencement activities with flair.

Uganda Christian University Partners helped to make this day - and the Campus of UCU - a great success. 

ProcessionBand leads the wayICMI BuildingICMI building
Vice Chancellor & Lord CareyRibbon cuttingOnlookers at ICMINew UCU Gate
New UCU GateNew UCU GateDedication of GateRibbon cutting
New Gate opensProcession continues through GateDancers at FountainDiane, Joan, Geraldine Kauma
Fountain plaqueNew FountainFountain dedicationFountain dedication
Fountain dedicationDining hall and DormitoryNew DormitoryArchbishops Road
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