A Retrospective

With Evellyn's birth, we go to looking back to the earliest photos of William and Weston. So we thought we would exhibit a comparison, just for fun.

William was born in 2000.
Weston was born the last day of 2003.

The first column shows William as an infant, followed by similar shots of Weston in the second column, and Evellyn in the last column.

Click on the photos for a larger view and you can make comparisons for yourself.

The blue tiles show only William and Evellyn - there was no comparable view of Weston.

The last two shots show William holding baby Weston, and Weston at about the same age holding Evellyn.

William 2000William 2000William 2000William 2000William holding Weston 2003
Weston 2003Weston 2003Weston 2003Weston holding Evellyn 2007
Evellyn 2007Evellyn 2007Evellyn 2007Evellyn 2007