It's 2005:

Elizabeth was born on March 14,
2005 to a very happy Mommy, Daddy,
and big brother. She charmed everyone
from the start.

Elizabeth has a number of pages covering
her first year. Here are some of our favorites:

Lizzie's BirthdayBIRTHDAY

There are several pages that record
the happy day.

Dad's galleryDAD'S GALLERY

Justin took a lot of photos to add
to Grandpa's.


Lizzie was baptized by her Grandpa
on June 16, 2005.

Then there are lots of pages featuring Elizabeth's
growth and exploration of her world.


This is always a big event in the life
of a little one. Lizzie didn't waste time!

Santa's HelperSANTA'S HELPER

Some of the funniest photos came
around the holidays.

Come explore!

You can begin with these pages, and move on to more
pages by clicking on the links at right, or those below:

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