Elizabeth Celebrates #1
Elizabeth has her first birthday cake Lizzie reads a birthday card Coy Elizabeth poses with Mom Elizabeth entertains her guests Elizabeth with great grand friend Laura Allen Elizabeth celebrated her first birthday on March 11 - actually three days early.
She had her own Raggedy Ann birthday cake. Then went on to open
gifts and read cards. Elizabeth now walks, so she can get around as
she pleases (pretty much). Many friends, and both sets of grandparents
were on hand for the BIG DAY.
(Click on the small photos for a larger view!) James says "ready" for some birthday cake James and Dad enjoy the party All the boys gather for blowing out the candle Of course, she was also surrounded by her folks, her big brother James,
and cousins William and Weston. Grandmother Marshall had made
Raggedy Andy hats for the boys, and Raggedy Ann aprons for the girls. Weston loves the ice cream and cake William gives Elizabeth a hand Mom shows off a new outfit Weston enjoyed the eats, while William helped Lizzie with her gifts and cards.
Mom shows off a new outfit for Lizzie from Great Aunt Jerrie and Uncle David.