Twas the night before Christmas

And at Grandma and Gramps’

It was raining outside and the

Ground was all damp.


But inside the house it was warm

As you please

For Papa had built

a fire with ease.


Daddy and I were

playing around

With tic-tac-toe

spread out on the ground.


Then all of a sudden

I thought to myself,

“Why should I have to wait

for that ‘Jolly old elf?’”


I sprang from the floor

And with youthful chatter

Went right to the closet

And pulled out a hat – er


At least I think it a hat,

Though it’s floppy;

The kind Old Santa

Wears on his toppy.


And I put it on top

Of my own head, you see:

And Mama and Papa

Both laughed with glee!


And as Mommy and Daddy

Drove us out of sight

We all said Merry Christmas

And to all a good night!


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