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This the first published book by the author. He wrote the words and illustrated the story. It portrays his understanding of the native peoples of North America and how they lived in their environment. He begins with the "rain clouds" so important to growing crops and supporting life. His next picture is "Man," presumably a brave or hunter. The third element is the "Tepee" where the people lived. Next comes the "Road" or path which people traveled on their hunts and commerce. Following that is the "Woman" who plays an important role in daily life. The sixth element are the "Mountains" where the men hunt. Next comes the "Sun" which lights the day and the paths to and from the mountains. Following comes the "Deer" which supply the meat that sustains life. And last, the "Buffalo tracks" which help the hunters find the most valuable and sacred animal resource to the native peoples. William bound his book with yarn and beads to give it character. The pages shown here were scanned and reproduced as William designed them

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