Check-inA pleasant flightArrival in UgandaOpening the new gateTea with the First LadyStanding at the EquatorAt the seat of honorEntertaining OrphansWith the hipposShopping at Harrod'sRiding an elephantMaking a new friendGraduation dayResting up
Flat Stanley - the character invented by author Jeff Brown over 40 years ago - is a favorite of William's
and lots of other children around the world. Flat Stanley has his own website, in fact!
William sent Flat Stanley (his version) to Grandma and Grandpa Stanton as they were
about to leave for a trip to Uganda, a country in East Africa. The idea was to see how many adventures Stanley might have.
Here, we present the report of Flat Stanley's journey. (Just click on the small pictures for a larger view; or
click on the numbers described below:)

Stanley checks in to British Airways for the beginning of his adventure [#1].
Stanley gets buckled into his seat on the airplane, and hooks up his earphones for some great music [#2].
Next, Stanley arrives at the airport at Entebbe in Uganda and is greeted by Dr. Stephen Noll, Vice Chancellor of
Uganda Christian University [#3].
Stanley got to visit the Equator on his way to the city of Kabale [#5].
Then Stanley got to go on a Safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park
where he saw a Hippo [#12], ride an Elephant [#11] and make friends with a Baboon [#10]..
Stanley helped Grandma Stanton entertain some orphans at Sanyu Babies Homes [#6].
Stanley attended the Graduation ceremonies of Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda [#9].
He got to the seat of honor which he shared with the Vice Chancellor, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, and
Uganda's Chief Justice as well as other dignitaries [#13]. Stanley also opened the new Gate leading into the
University [#4] - you will have to look closely to find him in that picture.
Near the end of the journey, Flat Stanley had tea with the First Lady of Uganda, Mrs. Museveni, and
the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey [#14].
On the way home, Stanley did some shopping at Harrod's Department Store in London [#7],
and had a good night's sleep in a hotel at Gatwick England before his flight home [#8].
What great adventures Flat Stanley had! Stanley says, "Thanks, William!"