Our grandchildren, William, Weston and Evellyn Hargrave; and James and Elizabeth Stanton, travelled to Corinth, MS to visit their great grandmother, Dorothy Stanton on March 14-18, 2008.

We drove the 550 miles in a small caravan. The children enjoyed the whole trip and were very well behaved.

This edition of the Journal tells the tale of our journey.


The trip starts out with rain, turning to thunderstorms and hail across Arkansas.

Following the storms, the days will be sunny, warm and comfortable.


William greets Neenee on his arrival in Mississippi. Neenee is his name for Great Grandmother Stanton. He bestowed it on her on his first visit way back in 2002. (Click here to see a retrospective.)

William enjoyed the stops along the way - especially the root beer! It was his drink of choice

William and the children greet Neenee on their arrival. Neenee was thrilled to meet Lizzie and Evellyn for the first time.

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William, Weston and Evellyn pose in Neenee's room at her

William enjoyed playing at Aunt Jerrie & Uncle David's house with
his cousins.

Every morning began with breakfast at the Motel in Corinth. Yum, yum!