William enjoyed seeing his Great Grandfather Hanson again.  In fact, he was quite animated at dinner at the Buca di Beppo restaurant.

Great Grandfather enjoyed talking with William, too. They talked about school, about sports, and about golf!

William loved sharing little Evellyn with Great Grandfather. Here he is joined by Weston as well.

And, on the lake, William showed that he was an old hand: he helped Weston and James look for the Lach Ness monster!

Take a look at William's days with Great Grandfather:
(from the top right)

  1. William is in a pensive mood
  2. Great Grandfather talks with William
  3. Great Grandfather with Will and Wes
  4. The Hargrave children with Grand Gradnather
  5. William, James and Weston on the boat